Our Team

Our Team



Regional Director - West Midlands and South Western Regions

Daniel Fitzjohn

Email: daniel.fitzjohn@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Truck Sales - West Midlands Region

Ray Gayle

Email: ray.gayle@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Parts Sales - West Midlands Region

Duncan Young

Email: duncan.young@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Aftersales - West Midlands Region

Adam Pettigrew

Email: adam.pettrigrew@motuscommercials.co.uk



Service Manager

Mark Price

Email: mp.halesowen@motuscommercials.co.uk



Bodyshop Manager

Mark Kinne

Email: mark.kinne@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Executive

Adam Edwards

Email: adam.edwards@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Executive

Luke Pitt

Email: luke.pitt@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Apprentice

Joe Anthony

Email: joseph.anthony@motuscommercials.co.uk



Used Truck Sales Manager

Ed Moore

Email: edward.moore@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Executive

Chris Hill

Email: chris.hill@motuscommercials.co.uk